Concatenation of two fields using expression Transformation.

Expression Transformation

Expression transformation is used to perform any Non-aggregate calculations, conditional statements for single row. For example you might need to adjust the employee salaries, concatenate first and last names, convert string to numbers.

In this example we are Concatinating FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME

1. Import the Source and target Definitions

2. Create a Mapping

3. Drag the Source Definition the mapping designer workspace.

4. Create an Expression transformation. Add one output port as follows and clear the output(O) for the first_name and last_name ports because we are going to use these ports as input only.

img-page0001 (1)


5.Drag and drop the target definition to workspace

6.Link the columns from expression to Target Definition as per data mapping sheet

Expression Transformation tabs or componenets

The expression transformation has the following tabs
Transformation: You can enter the name and description of the transformation. You can also make the expression transformation reusable

Metadata Extensions: You can specify extension name, data type, precision, value and can also create reusable metadata extensions.

Properties: Configure the tracing level to set the amount of transaction detail to be logged in session log file.

Ports: Create new ports and configuring the ports.
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