Informatica Powercenter 9.6.1

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Course Overview:

About Informatica and Informatica Online Training:

Informatica Powercenter is an ETL tool which is used to build Data Warehouses for the enterprises. This tool works in 3 steps: Extract, Transform and Load. Firstly, it extracts the valuable data from the source, transform this data according to the business need and lastly load this data to a targeted data warehouse. It helps to improve the agility by offering scalable and high-performance data integration.

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Who can take this course:

Suggested attendees for Informatica Powercenter Course may be: Fresh Graduates, Software Developers, Analytics Professionals, BI/ETL/DW Professionals, Mainframe developers and Architects who are looking to upgrade their resume and career.


  • Basic knowledge of databases
  • Knowledge of SQL or Oracle

Informatica Course Curriculum

  • Course Duration : 30 Hours
  • Data Warehousing Introduction
  • Introduction to Informatica and its Architecture
  • Client Software Overview
  • Source Object Definitions
  • Target Object Definitions
  • Mappings
  • Workflows
  • Monitoring Workflows
  • Debugger
  • Filter Transformation
  • Sorter Transformation
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Lookup Transformation
  • Target Options
  • Update Strategy Transformation
  • Parameters and Variables
  • Unconnected Lookups
  • Heterogeneous Targets
  • Mapplets
  • Reusable Transformations
  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Error Logging
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Reusable Tasks
  • Non-Reusable Tasks
  • Worklets


 What is Informatica?

  • Informatica is one of the ETL Tool.
  • It is client-server architecture
  • Informatica is comprised of 2 part

      1. Informatica Powercenter      

      2. Informatica Power mart

Before purchase of informatica you should specify whether you want power center or power mart.     

In this page we will teach what is Informatica and Informatica Basics.

Informatica Powercenter: It is used by large organizations to handle large volumes of data. we can configure multiple servers. If one server goes down then it automatically switches on to another server.

  • Power center is nothing but an Informatica and informatica  is a ETL tool.
  • Server installation is the job of informatica admin team. They install informatica server in the Unix box.
  • We can create Global Repository

Power Mart: It is used by small organization to handle smaller volumes of data. We can create local repositories.

What is Repository?

  • It is a Meta-data container, whatever the code (mappings / sesion / workflows / folders / transformations) we create in informatica it will be saved in repository.
  • Install PowerCenter(PC)client is installed in local machine.
  • Informatica Server should install in Unix Box (This is admin activity).

Install Informatica Powercenter(PC) Client

  1. We need to raise a request to admin team to get install PowerCenter client. If they provide access to the software, we need to get it install in our local machine.
  2. After installing PowerCenter Client, we need to add a repository and the corresponding server.

The latest Informatica version in the market is 10.0

Informatica Powercenter client contains 4 components or tools

     1. Designer: To create mappings.

     2. Repository Manager :

                a. Used to create folders.

                b. We can create Deployment Groups, Labeling, Version.

 3. Work flow Manager :

                a. To create tasks and workflows.

                b. To run the workflow.

4. Work flow Monitor : To know the status of the workflow / tasks, whether it succeeded or failed.

In general we will have 3 repositories.

               1. Development Repository

               2. Testing Repository

               3. Production Repository

How to add a repository and the server:

               1. Go to repository tab in the toolbar, using Designer.

               2. click on Add option.

               3. Type repository name and your user name and click OK.

               4. Configure server by clicking on more options with domain name port number and gateway host.

               5. The above steps 1 to 4 should perform one time activity, when you login first time.

In Informatica code is nothing but mapping, session and workflow.


  • Mapping is one of the basic elements in Informatica code. It is done in PC-client-designer.
  • Mapping is the set of transformations between the source and target.  (OR)
  • It is the pipeline which tells how to flow data from source to target.
  • To extract data from source table(S) and load in target table (Emp_t), we need to create a mapping.

Transformation: Which transforms (change) the data while processing from source to target.


  • To run a mapping we need a session. Session is an instructor which sends instructions to server what to do and server will follow session instructions.
  • Mapping and session is a one-to-one relationship (1 mapping- 1 session)
  • Session is created in workflow manager.

Workflow: Workflow is an engine which runs ‘N’ number of sessions / tasks.

Structure of Designer: Designer is basically divided into 3 parts.

  • Workspace
  • Navigation Window and
  • Output Window


Informatica PowerCenter


Before going to develop a mapping, you need to make active your working folder / project folder.

Designer contains 5 components.

  1. Source Analyzer
  2. Mapping Designer
  3. Mapplet Designer
  4. Target Designer
  5. Transformation Developer

We have identified source as EMP_S and Target as EMP_T at Database level.

To create a mapping in informatica Designer, we need to import source and target definitions.

Source Analyzer: used to import the source definitions.

Target Designer: used to import the target definition.

Mapping Designer: used to create the mappings.

Mapping is defined as the set of transformations between source to target.

After creating the mapping we need to validate the mapping.

  • To validate the mapping, go to mapping tab–> click on validate, to check syntactical error not logical errors.
  • To save the mapping, go to Repository–> click on save (ctrl + s)

In mapping designer when we drag and drop the source definition, it will bring source qualifier automatically.

Why to create session: To run mapping we have to create session in workflow manager.

Workflow Manager: It contains 3 tools

  1. Task Developer
  2. Worklet Designer
  3. Workflow Designer

Using task developer we can create following session tasks.

  1. Session Task
  2. Command Task
  3. Email Task

Always for 1 mapping we can create 1 session(one-to-one relationship).

In Task Developer

Goto tasks tab


–> select Session task

–> choose corresponding mapping.

After creating session, set source, target, Lookup, Stored Procedure connections.

Target load type should not be Bulk, if target contains Indexes.

To handle constraint based error, we need to set Stop on Error = 1. So that the session will not write any rejected data to bad file.

How to create WorkFlow:

In Workflow Designer

Goto Workflow tab

–> Create

–> Drag and Drop the session in to Workflow Designer

–> link the workflow to session using Link Task.

Generally for an entire project there will be one workflow.

Work flow Designer:

Work flow

How to run Workflow: 

Workflow tab –>Start workflow (or)

Session–>right click–>start task (particular session) (or)

Session–>right click–>start workflow from task (runs all session from this task)




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